Hospice and End of Life Services

Hospice/Quality of Life                            $225    1 Hour Home Consult

The geriatric years are a special time in a pet's life.  These wonderful patients sometimes need some extra support when it comes to appetite, mobility, pain management, and overall quality of life. We are happy to provide our clients and patients with in-home evaluations, treatment/diet plans, and emotional support for all family members.  

It is often very difficult to know when to say good-bye to a special pet.  We are here to listen and help you feel at peace when the time comes.  Children can also have a difficult time understanding this time in a pet's life.  We are honored to help all members of a family with this transition.

Home Euthanasia                                           $250
   Home Visit
Home Euthanasia 
with Communal Cremation                        $325
   Home Visit
    Cremation with remains spread in a pet cemetery

Home Euthanasia with Private
Cremation Packages
  Home Visit                               0-30 lbs            $460
   Sedation                                  31-70 lbs            $480
   Euthanasia                             71-100 lbs           $520
   Transport                                   100+ lbs          $550
    Private Cremation
    Ashes returned in beautiful carved wooden urn 
    Brass Nameplate
    Personalized Clay Pawprint
    Fur Clippings

Additional Clay Pawprints                          $30  
Fur Clippings                                                    $10  

Memorial Jewelry, Specialized Urns, Etched Glass Keepsakes, Stone Memorials, and other items are available.  Please ask to see a catalog.

We are proud to partner with Pet Memorial Services for all our cremation services.