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Therapies Offered

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) is a ancient treatment system that can can be used exclusively or as an adjunct therapeutic modality for animals that do not respond favorably to typical Western veterinary treatments. Dr. Fraser views her practice as complementary to traditional veterinary care. TCVM can be used to treatment a surprising array of conditions through acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs, and nutritional therapy.

TCVM uses a philosophy that is very different than that of Western Medicine.  The veterinary practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) follows the same set philosophies as those used to treat people.  Consideration is given to the balance between Yin and Yang, the Five Elements Theory and Zang Fu Physiology, all of which depend on the balance and free movement of Qi (“chee”), or energy, in the body.  To maintain a pain free and healthy life, one must maintain a balanced and free moving Qi.

A pattern diagnosis is made for each individual using these philosophies along with consideration for the animal’s personality, environment, diet, stress, daily routine, sleep habits, and exercise.  This allows for a very specific diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to the unique circumstances of the patient.