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What to Expect

Initial Consultation
The first appointment is about an hour and half long.  A very thorough history with be taken and previous vet records will be reviewed.  Your pet will be fully examined and will receive their first acupuncture treatment.  We will discuss a complete therapy plan including follow-up acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs, and diet.

Pet Reactions to Treatment
Most dogs and cats do very well for acupuncture.  Sedation is not used because it diminishes the effects of the acupuncture.  Many animals rest comfortably and may even fall asleep during the treatment session.

Follow-up Treatments
Follow-up acupuncture treatments are usually every 1-2 weeks for 3 to 4 sessions and then spread out as needed.  Meeting our therapeutic goal may occur in as quickly as 2-3 sessions but most take 4-6 sessions.  Some may require longer treatment periods if the disease is really chronic.  Many animals benefit from “tune-up” sessions every few months after the initial treatment course.